Contract Financing

A smarter way to finance your new or growing business.

Is a FastTrack Working Capital Line

Right For You?

Business Credit Assurance™ from Dominion Capital Management is underwritten and funded by Crestmark Bank.  Let us show you how to finance your contracts and get your business bankable.

Sales Volume:
Start-ups to $100,000,000

Business Credit Types:

  • A/R Invoice Financing
  • Inventory, Machinery/Equipment Financing
  • International Letters of Credit
  • Tri-Party Supplier Finance

Advance Formula:  Up to 90% of eligible Accounts Receivable

Advance Frequency: Weekly (or as often as daily)


  • Customer investigation and approval
  • Credit protection against bad debt
  • Accounts Receivable bookkeeping
  • Customer collection
  • Cash management
  • Web-based reporting


  • Easy transition back to conventional banking
  • Receivables support allows you to focus on your core business

Crestmark’s Traditional Factoring Benefits:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast response time
  • Proposal turnaround within one day
  • Closing in as early as 2 weeks

How does it Work

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Our Skills

Our loans are for short term use only and may not be the cheapest option. Lower cost of capital options are available for very well qualified companies that have substantial operating history, well documented accounting, and proven record of past credit performance.  It is for this reason that completing our quick prequalification process before you apply for funding is strongly recommended.  Prequalification allows you to know how much you can qualify for before applying.

Overall Success Rate 90%
Vendor Credit Lines 95%
Store Credit Lines 85%
Cash Credit Lines 50%
Contract Financing 95%

Ready to Start Now?

Getting prequalified for funding is completely risk free to do and does not obligate you or us in any way.  It is simply the best method to begin the funding process in the fastest possible way.